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Note: Since the beginning of the website, I tried to size the images and optimize them so that they will display in a reasonable amount of time for people who are accessing the net via modem (which included most of us). As more and more of us are getting high-speed access, it seems that the time is right to give people the option of seeing some of these images in fuller detail.

A selection of photos by Paul Rudinoff given to me in 2013

Recent photos
Burke's Beach - Low Tide (wide)
Green Harbor Cottages
The Audubon Building
View from Pudding Hill]
Green Harbor General Store
Green Harbor River
First Congregational Church - Marshfield Center
Coastline looking north from Brant Rock seawall
Brant Rock from The Fairview
Cut River and Green Harbor
Green Harbor from Bay Ave cul-de-sac
Cut River - looking away from Green Harbor
Cut River - looking toward Green Harbor
Daniel Webster Audubon Sanctuary
Daniel Webster Audubon Sanctuary
Humarock - from Rexhame #1
Humarock - from Rexhame #2
The path to South River
The path to Rexhame Beach
Green Harbor Lighthouse (???)
Sunrise at Green Harbor #1
Sunrise at Green Harbor #2
South River in Humarock
Keen's Pond
Marshes on Macomber's Ridge

Not-so-recent photos

The White Cliffs of Rexhame - [Large]
Isaac Winslow House - [Large]
Isaac Winslow House - [Large]
Behind Green Harbor Yacht Club - [Large]
Green Harbor (off season)
Fieldston sea wall
Dune fruit
Looking toward Bartlett Island
Murdock's Pond
The new Fairview Inn under construction
The Great Blizzard of '01!
Looking across Green Harbor from Harbor Park on the Brant Rock side
Marshfield Airport
Clift Rodgers Free Library
Town Hall
The water wheel at Veteran's Memorial Park
Sledding at the coast guard station
Brant Rock
Near Pudding Hill
First Congregational Church - Marshfield Center
Looking across the North River towards Norwell
A windy day at Brant Rock
Boats in Green Harbor
The boardwalk to Burke's Beach
Burke's Beach dunes
Surfin', Marshfield USA
Looking east from Damons Point
View of the marshes from Damons Point Road
Geese - Marshfield Hills
Peggotty Beach, Scituate
Green Harbor - looking west from Rt 139
Green Harbor - looking west from Rt 139
Veteran's Memorial Park
Marshfield High School
The Fairview Inn :-(
South River in Humarock - low tide
Bayberry Bridge
Keene's Pond (off Summer Street)
Looking across the North River from Audubon
Norwell, across the North River from Corn Hill Lane
View from Coast Guard Hill (mini-panorama)
Training Green in Marshfield Center (mini-panorama)
Keene's Pond (mini-panorama)
Cottages and beach at Humarock (mini-panorama)

Burke's Beach - Early morning - [Large]
Union Street - [Large]
Humarock viewed from Rexhame
Two-Mile Farm - [Large]
Rugani Pond off Rt 3A (mini-panorama) - [Large]

Sunrise - Rexhame Beach - [Large] (photo by Bob Bandera)
Sunrise - North River - [Large]
The Audubon Building
Audubon Red Maple Loop Trail - [Large]
North River Bridge Construction
North River from Rt 3A Bridge (mini-panorama)
Stream o' Mud (mini-panorama) - [Large]
Stream o' Mud (part 2)
From Bartletts Island Rd - [Large]
Looking North Across Rexhame from the Rocks (mini-panorama)
North River from the Union St. Bridge (mini-panorama)
Green Harbor General Store
Marshfield Country Club (18th green)
Green Harbor Golf Club
Brant Rock Union Chapel
Brant Rock Cottages
Green Harbor Cottages
Green Harbor Cottages
Along Union Street
Rexhame Beach life guards
Rexhame Beach parking lot guard
Brant Rock Beach

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