TV Workshop


Have you ever wanted to have your own television show? Well, YOU CAN!
Create your own TV Show...

  • It's fun! It's easy! and Best of all, it's FREE!
  • You do not need experience; video production is easy to learn, and we're here to help.
  • Videotape and edit your own show in a professional television studio.
  • Get your show aired for free in Marshfield and possibly in other surrounding towns.

Marshfield Community Television offers workshops on television production occasionally throughout the year. The next workshop is scheduled to begin soon. Generally, there is a minimal cost ($5) which covers refreshments and production worksheets. You must be a Marshfield resident to participate. Here's what you'll learn:

Signal flow
Mixing techniques
Balanced vs. Unbalanced
Line vs. Microphone
Studio and Field audio techniques

Basic concepts of 3-point lighting
Mixing color temperature
Bounce, Gel, and diffusion
Depth of field

Framing and shot composition
Filters, color temperature, and white balance
Manual Iris vs. Auto Iris
Field vs. Studio
Creative camera techniques

Types of editing: Assemble and insert
Editing styles
Timebase correction and sync
Integrating special effects and graphics

Character generation
Camera-ready artwork

Special Effects
Chroma Key
Luminance Key and layering
Wipes and Digital Video Effects

Directing a live studio show
Organizing a studio production
Hosting, Interviewing, and Camera presence
Writing for Television

You have the access to create your own television programs and communicate your message to the community. Class space is limited, so call program coordinator Bob Marchioni today, at 781-837-4384!