About Your Cable Service


Adelphia is a substantial cable company with recent purchases and acquitions. Adelphia is now the fourth largest cable provider in the United States. If you're having a problem with your cable service, you should call Adelphia first. Issues pertaining to signal quality and billing should be addressed with the cable company before seeking further action. If you feel Adelphia has not resolved the issue, you may then seek the town's help in working out the matter.

The Selectmen along with the Cable Advisory Committee oversee Adelphia's role within the town. They receive feedback from residents regarding Adelphia's service on a regular basis. Adelphia is licensed to serve Marshfield until July 29, 2001. Under current state regulations, communities that license franchises to cable companies must begin renegotiation procedures within three years of the license's expiration. The town has begun renegotiation talks and would like to hear customer comments which will be considered in the next license.

Funding of local programming is done through a percentage of profits the cable company is projected to receive within the town based on the projected and/or existing amount of subscribers. Selectmen negotiate this percentage and dispersement of the profits in the license. They fund equipment and services for public, education, and government use. Presently, there is a Municipal Access Channel and Educational Access Channel which are funded by through this method. Although public access did not receive a capital equipment upgrade with the current license, Adelphia is required to maintain a studio in town.

Content of local programming, specifically public access, is guarded by the First Amendment and must be presented in the exact form as submitted by the community producer. The only thing prohibited by law from broadcast on public access is pornography. These are the rules established under laws recently amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1995, and regulated locally by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy under the supervision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

If you have any questions or compaints regarding any aspect of your cable service or local programming, please write or call the following addresses.

Marshfield Board of Selectmen
870 Moraine Street
Marshfield, MA 02050
834-5563 (Town Administrator/Selectmens' Office)

Marshfield Cable Advisory Committee
Attention: Anthony F. Steward, Chairman
870 Moraine Street
Marshfield, MA 02050
834-5540 (it's the Town Clerk's office, they will provide you with further information.)

James Sweeney
Adelphia General Manager
91 Industrial Road
Plymouth, MA 02360
(508) 747-3300

Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy
Cable Television Division
133 Portland Street
Suite 300
Boston, MA 02114-1707
(617) 729-6925
(888) 622-2588

Or, if you prefer, e-mail your comments regarding Adelphia and we will forward this information to the proper person. Please include contact information (such as an address or phone number) in case further questions arise regarding your comment.